Shields: Hose-5/16″ Silverado 4000, 250′ 116-337-0560


Hose-5/16″ Silverado 4000, 250′

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Silverado 4000 fuel line is constructed with a non-permeable THV barrier layer, polyester reinforcement, and a CPE weather and UV resistant cover. It meets all current EPA and CARB standards. The THV 500 barrier layer is designed for excellent flexibility and permeation resistance. The polyester reinforcement adds strength to the hose. CPE cover is excellent for UV resistance and the gray color keeps the hose cooler to help prevent vapor lock. Features: Extremely low permeation, EPA/CARB certified outboard fuel line, for use in above deck primer bulb assemblies, can be used for small diesel feed line, resistant to ethanol blend fuels. Meets SAE J1527 Type B1-15.
WARNING – Special care should be taken when coupling Shields series 331, 337 and 368 EPA approved barrier fuel hoses. Always use a lubricant when inserting a fitting. Oil based or other lubricants designed for rubber or plastic assembly should be used. Silicone is not recommended as it may cause coupling retention issues. Over-sized fittings should not be used. The fitting should slide into the hose with minimum, but some, resistance. Using fittings with oversized barbs may result in damage to the barrier layer. Sierra recommends the use of Oetiker stepless ear clamps or worm drive clamps to attach the fuel hose. Do not use wire ties or spring tension clamps. Over-tightening a worm drive clamp may result in damage to the inner layer and cause fuel to get in between the layers. This will cause the layers to separate and block the flow of fuel.