Racor: Fuel Polishing Cart FC-20-1-120V


Fuel Polishing Cart

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Heavy-duty fuel recycler cart is an effective way to filter diesel, mixtures of biodiesel, and other petroleum hydrocarbon fluids in storage or transport. This filter cart polishes, cleans up, and recycles old or contaminated fuel. It can be used in preventative maintenance practices to keep fuel tanks clean, or as a servicing unit to clean up fuel tanks that have become contaminated with rain, sea water, dirt, rust, and microbial growth. This portable unit has a 1″ cam-lock fittings for easy connections. The all aluminum construction keeps it lighter for mobility purposes, while being durable and corrosion resistant for many years of operation. Includes the FBO-14 fuel filter, which does not require any tools for filter changeouts and offers many replacement filter options for any application.