Teleflex: I6300 Kit-Twin Eng No Tilt-Trm I6312


I6300 Kit-Twin Eng No Tilt-Trm

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Suitable for all mechanical throttle/mechanical shift applications. Delivers finger tip precise control of your engine’s shift and throttle functions. Control heads are available with or without trim switches. Full power train synchronization is a standard feature on multiple engine applications allowing you to control all engines on one control handle. With multiple station capability (no limit) the i6300 is available as a selectable option on a new engine installation or new boat build, or as an upgrade on a boat fitted with conventional mechanical controls. This CANbus based system allows a single, small diameter cable to connect all control stations to the smart actuators. Easy to install. Includes all the components needed for an installation, including control head, actuators, power cables, power module, and network cable.