Uflex: Pwa Kit-Twin 1-Sta W-Trim-Tilt PWAMM21T


Pwa Kit-Twin 1-Sta W-Trim-Tilt

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The easy to install PowerA Mark II™ control system provides fingertip operation of throttle and shift levers. Using reliable and precise digital data transmission, this single or dual function control system is specifically designed to work on mechanically controlled as well as electronic and electro-hydraulic gas and diesel inboards, sterndrives and outboards. Features include Dock Assist, RPM Synchronization, High Idle feature, programmable Trolling Valve Control and neutral Warm Up. Available with and without trim,
the control has audible and visual interfaces which alert the operator to the current status of the control system. With the ability to control up to 4 engines from up to 4 different stations, the PowerA Mark II™ is a modular and flexible system with simple to install components.